The CHEWe Research Group partners with scientists and researchers from a wide range of Universities and Agencies.


The University of Oklahoma


  • School of Meteorology (SoM)
    • Dr. Jason Furtado
    • Dr. Elinor Martin
    • Dr. Petra Klein
    • Dr. Evgeni Federovich
    • Dr. Cameron Homeyer
    • Dr. Michael Richman
    • Dr. Phil Chilson









  • Dr. Joe Santanello
  • Dr. Jessica Lamers

Nationa Severe Storms Laboratory

  • Dr. J. J. Gourley

Oklahoma State University

Kansas State University

  • Dr. Dan Devlin
  • Dr. Amber Campbell

The University of Wisconsin


  • Dr. Eric Hunt

The University of Georgia

  • Dr. Marshall Shepherd

The University at Albany State University of New York

The University of South Carolina